Thursday, May 7, 2009

17 days

Wow! I can't believe we have been home for 17 days! In some ways it seems longer but on the other hand-- 17 days-- shouldn't I have things more together by now?! We are having so much fun but it is also more challenging in some ways than I thought it would be to adjust! Siblings definitely are helping! Brecken is am awesome big bother! Usually he has a great balance of loving on and teasing and frustrating Taye a little bit!

Kaitlin turned nine! Happy Birthday sweet daughter!
Another birthday party at Chuck E Cheese! Seriously-- it is so easy but that is where all three oldest kids went for their birthdays this year. Oh well, like I said-- it's easy! We debated if we should take Taye but hated to split up so we took him-- he loved it!!!! of course he loves anything he can drive!

Sadly, we said goodbye to our dear friends Angel and Fidelis and their gorgeous girls! They are moving to New Zealand! I met Angel in BSF just this fall but she introduces me as her "sister" and the feeling is mutual! I have learned so much about life and friendship from her! Love you guys!
I really want to post pictures of our trip--- I just need life to slow down :) My goal is do do that before we have been home for a month!


J Gutwein said...

Oh My Word. Taye just seriously looks like he has oodles of energy!! Love, J

emilykate said...

Good to see an update. I love you guys!

Janell said...

Just checked yesteray b/c I thought maybe I'd missed a post. :) Great to see pics. S&H are still adjusting too! :) Praying for you.

Becky said...

Totally understand what you mean about needing things to slow down! I can't imagine with 4 but they sure are adorable!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Laura for the nice post.

I have learned a lot from you too. Your are such a wonderfull friend. We miss you guys a lot! We are busy trying to settle down as the weather now is so nasty.Snowing and raining at the same time.

Good to see update, I love you guys!