Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ethiopia Part 3-- still Day 2

too sweet-- my grandma, mom, and aunt stopped for a visit last week-- Taye loved Grandma-- she just followed him around playing with him, counting his little toes, and ooohing over his cute little pink feet (they are super sweet!)
When we first arrived home we were having a lot of problems getting Taye to eat. We picked up several orders of doro wat and injera and I froze them and give him that once a day-- he loves it! Grandma and Taye were having a great time feeding each other-- she was amazing, such a good sport-- she totally got the whole using your hand thing!

Wow I just realized that I am still posting pictures about day 2. I am going to have to speed this up!

Here are Taye and Kev putting together this little car on Tuesday afternoon. Taye loves trying to figure out how things work and wants to be in on everything! We stayed at the HOH and LOVED it. With a toddler, it seemed like a great way for them to still have the familiar around, but get to know us. Our room was really nice& the food was great!We were back in the van that afternoon. I was so excited that we were getting to see and do a lot of things! The scaffolding on the buildings was crazy!

This is driving up to the top of Entoto Mountain. One of the 7 mountains surrounding Addis Ababa. These women were walking down with these huge bundles.

Kevin and Taye at the top- overlooking the city. There are a lot of eucalyptus groves on the mountain.

This is a really old Orthodox church at the top. There was actually a service going on because it was Holy Week . There was also a old palace there that we went through and a small museum. It was really interesting and a lot of history but as we were leaving tons of kids and moms with babies were coming up to us begging. That is so hard!

We went with the group to the Hilton that night for dinner and had a lot of laughs and some disasters!


Becky said...

The dinner at the Hilton will be one of my favorite memories! What a funny disaster it was that night. Seeing the pictures makes me miss being there!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of Velda and Taye! She is always so sweet and it looks like she is loving every minute with Taye! Enjoying your trip too! karel :)

B.Bird said...

How precious is your grandma with Taye. love it.

Marcelle said...

The photo of Velda and Taye - what a touching photo! Missing all of you and looking forward to getting together.