Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ethiopia part 4 - days 3 and 4

Wednesday morning, another beautiful day in Addis, we went to the Addis Ababa University. This part used to be a palace and is now offices. Neat to see and get pictures of. Of course Kevin found some students to talk to! This is with Becky and her little boy Bek-- awesome travel companions!

Here is a picture out of our door at House of Hope! They seriously have soooo much work to do! This is an every day deal-- washing tons of clothes and nasty diapers by hand, hanging them to dry, do it all over again! I can't say enough about how wonderful the nannies and the guards and everyone there was!!! We have so many pictures of Taye with the guards and drivers b/c he loved them so much!

Wed. afternoon, coffee ceremony! We had this every afternoon-- the best coffee ever and salty, sweet popcorn. Simegn,the cook was so wonderful!

Taye enjoying the popcorn with his friend, Amani.

Thursday morning we did some shopping, hung out with the kids, and then we were ready to go to our visa appointment!!! Such an exciting day!

Thursday was also my 31st birthday! That night we went out to an amazing Italian restaurant with our friends the Harrs! We loved them so much and it was so fun to celebrate my birthday with them.


Leisa said...

Laura- I love stumbling upon people's blogs! Congratulations on your adoption! Taye is adorable:)

Janell said...

He is seriously such a doll! Still thinking of you guys and hoping the transition is still going well!