Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Counting Blessings

I have to say, posts that contain fun info about things going on or positive adoption updates are so much more fun and so much easier for me. During times like this I want nothing more than to crawl in a shell and say, fine God, you are in charge so I will wait for your plan. In the meantime I will just live in here. not so much in a peaceful way-- more ticked and pouting. However, as my sweet husband reminded me at lunch today.. how we act now... this is who we are. Harder times are the times that define us.

I still don't know what to say . I can't really describe how I feel. We don't have any definite travel dates yet and there are still things undone. We have been learning that God's plans are not our plans in many areas.

So through this time it is funny how I will hear songs that I grew up with.. trust and obey, ready to go, ready to stay (hah, hah), count your many blessings.. and they are sooooo much harder that they were when I was a kid in Sunday School. In fact, sometimes at church, BSF, ect.. I do feel that in my heart but I can't get the words to come out of my mouth.

for today.. the blessing of an amazing husband ( a picture from a weekend trip we took for our 10 yr anniversary on March 7th)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

We aren't Traveling

Well today is the day that we were supposed to leave but we are home, mostly packed suitcase in our room, and plane tickets on hold. The peace that passes understanding feels somewhat elusive as I try to sort out why we can't go now. We got a call a few days ago that some unexpected problems with getting the necessary papers for the visa appt have come up. We may be able to go in two weeks but there is no guarantee. I feel so let down! So sad! I'm not even sure what to do with myself. I know that there are so many worse things that happen to people but right now I feel so much like the Israelites. I have promises that I know in my head that God will keep but my heart cries why have we come in to this wilderness? Will we be here forever? I hope that in some way God can use this for his glory but I would really love to hold our little boy soon!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

We have tickets!

We have a visa interview date of April 2nd. We bought plane tickets (3/28-4/6). Here's hoping that the needed approval is there by then! Things definitely started moving faster-- Kevin called the State Rep's office and they agreed to help us out. I talked to a man at the USCIS office on Tues AM-he told me that it could take a month for them to process the papers and then 2 weeks at the NVC. I tried to calmly explain why we would love to have that happen sooner. Kevin called me 3 hrs later and said my "new best friend" at Buyer's office had called them and the approval was on it's way to the NVC-- our tax dollars at work -- yeah!!! From the NVC it should move to the American Embassy in Ethiopia. All paperwork is supposed to be there 1 week before the visa apt(by next Thurs).

This last month of the process has been an absolute roller coaster! Yet through this time God has shown himself to us more clearly than ever before. One way has been through the Bible study that I am in. We have been studying Moses and the Israelites all year. It is just so applicable to my life (and I'm sure yours too). God has a plan for their lives to be used for his glory but the journey was not always what they were expecting. In those times, when they chose to trust, God he cared for them and provided more than they could have dreamed. So often though, they chose not to trust. They chose to doubt, complain, and rebel-- this always made things so much harder and caused them to miss the blessings God had for them. I feel like I am much more understanding of the Israelites now than I was at the beginning of the year. I used to think-- how could they continue to doubt after God had shown them his power? I now look at my life and know that without totally relying on his grace every day I can and will do the same thing!

So for today, I'm praising God for a peace that truly passes all understanding and for family and friends that are just awesome!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Humanitarian Aid for Orphange and HOH

Our first referral pic-- the kids were SO confused by the pink i stole this list from Janet's http://whipplewords.wordpress.com/ blog ( they are leaving to get their little boy on 3/25!). These are some of the items we are wanting to take as well. A few people have asked if we need anything. If you want to donate any of the items on this list that would be awesome!I hopefully need them by Monday the 23rd.

1. Powder formula with DHA/RHA
2. A + D Original Ointment, Diaper Rash and All-Purpose Skincare Formula;
3. Hand Sanitizer
4. Multivitamin Tri-vi-sol (o to 6 months), Poly-vi-sol (6 months to 2 years), Chewable multi-vitamin (2 years to 9 years), Adult multivitamin (9 years plus)
5. Tylenol (acetaminophen), Infants, Children’s, Suppository
6. Baby nose saline spray
7. Neosporin
8. Benadryl liquid/elixir
9. Permetherin for scabies
10. Lice kits
11. Coloring Books and Crayons/Small Toys
It seems that our needed addendum approval has not moved from the Indy office-- stress-- I called Kevin to help and he called the State Representative's office who was really helpful this afternoon and hopefully will be able to make more progress than I have!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


The thing about the adoption process is that it is so fun to celebrate each milestone but there is always the next hurdle. sigh.. I am trying to confirm that some updated paperwork has been processed through USCIS and is moving along to the American Embassy in Addis Ababa. Kind of a big deal since I guess we can't have our embassy appt until it is there. WHY is it so hard to talk to a real person who can actually help you? WHY don't these people work on weekends? (joking, kind of).

back to the celebrating though-- we had planned a area get together for people adopting from Ethiopia. TWO of us in the group passed court THAT day and another family earlier that week! Needless to say with that ,and 2 kiddos that their families had recently brought home-- there was a lot of celebrating-- my favorite way--cake! So fun-- all three of us will hopefully travel about the same time and we are all getting boys! http://anticsofailors.blogspot.com/ The Ailors were the hosts of the party and are great!!!!
Another thing to celebrate and give thanks for. A friend sent me this update on Taye--
ITS HIM!!!! He's so beyond precious. He captured my heart, you are so blessed. Quite possibly the sweetest little boy!!! Well my Silas is pretty sweet....but yeah. So excited to see him united with his family. He needs his mama!! He eats up the attention, I kept telling my friends there with me as we sat on the floor with the babies how much he needed his mama. I loved on him and told him how much he was loved. It was an honor to spend time with him.
This is such a gift! We feel like God has been so faithful to give us these little extra insights! We are just soooo excited to meet Taye but are definitely nervous about how things will go-- will he like us (probably not at first)? Will he let us hold him and love on him? I love holding our kids-- I still carry Bella-- yes she is 4- I will until there is a little one to replace her. These kind of updates help confirm in our mind that he is just the right one for our family-- thanks Lord (and Erica--here is her adorable Silas http://www.journeyofourhearts.blogspot.com/).

Friday, March 13, 2009


We are praising GOD!!!! I got the call around 12 that we passed court! It seemed like a really long morning! Our tentative visa appt is April 2nd-- that means we would get to Ethiopia on March 30th and get to see Taye!

How gorgeous is this kiddo?!!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Court Date!

Well, tonight's the night. Our court date is scheduled for March 13th so that means that because of the time change, while I am (hopefully) sleeping the courts will be reviewing our case and hopefully this little guy will officially become OURS! I haven't heard any reasons that things wouldn't go well but there is definitely a part of me that is really nervous. We decided to just hang out with our kids tonight -- make Ethiopian food and then go get blizzards at Dairy Queen. We then drove around a little bit and looked at bigger vehicles-- I am definitely not in a hurry to get one but it could get a little cramped in our current vehicle.

The last few weeks have been crazy-- some things came up that we didn't expect. I want to post more about it but I'm not even sure where to start. maybe in a few days.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Baby Girl is FOUR!

Birthday Cake for Breakfast
A playdate with a preschool friend

Fun at Chuck E Cheese

Sleeping with her new sleeping bag and bitty baby
I can't believe she is four-- what joy she has brought us!!!!