Sunday, March 15, 2009


The thing about the adoption process is that it is so fun to celebrate each milestone but there is always the next hurdle. sigh.. I am trying to confirm that some updated paperwork has been processed through USCIS and is moving along to the American Embassy in Addis Ababa. Kind of a big deal since I guess we can't have our embassy appt until it is there. WHY is it so hard to talk to a real person who can actually help you? WHY don't these people work on weekends? (joking, kind of).

back to the celebrating though-- we had planned a area get together for people adopting from Ethiopia. TWO of us in the group passed court THAT day and another family earlier that week! Needless to say with that ,and 2 kiddos that their families had recently brought home-- there was a lot of celebrating-- my favorite way--cake! So fun-- all three of us will hopefully travel about the same time and we are all getting boys! The Ailors were the hosts of the party and are great!!!!
Another thing to celebrate and give thanks for. A friend sent me this update on Taye--
ITS HIM!!!! He's so beyond precious. He captured my heart, you are so blessed. Quite possibly the sweetest little boy!!! Well my Silas is pretty sweet....but yeah. So excited to see him united with his family. He needs his mama!! He eats up the attention, I kept telling my friends there with me as we sat on the floor with the babies how much he needed his mama. I loved on him and told him how much he was loved. It was an honor to spend time with him.
This is such a gift! We feel like God has been so faithful to give us these little extra insights! We are just soooo excited to meet Taye but are definitely nervous about how things will go-- will he like us (probably not at first)? Will he let us hold him and love on him? I love holding our kids-- I still carry Bella-- yes she is 4- I will until there is a little one to replace her. These kind of updates help confirm in our mind that he is just the right one for our family-- thanks Lord (and Erica--here is her adorable Silas


Ponz, Lil Ponz, and Real Lil Ponz said...

It was so wonderful meeting you guys on Friday night. We will continue to pray for you guys as you get closer to picking up your son. It brings back so many memories and we are so happy for you. Blessings to your family this week. - Sarah

Erin said...

Wow. That update is such a gift! I'll pray that you can get a hold of somebody helpful first thing tomorrow morning!!! I know we'll have lots of USCIS updates (moving, fingerprints) right before we travel and I already am kind of dreading that...SO, I hear ya!

Anonymous said...

hey! we are sooo excited about the progress in the adoption. macy has been practicing baby tayes name!
we cant wait to meet him!