Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Counting Blessings

I have to say, posts that contain fun info about things going on or positive adoption updates are so much more fun and so much easier for me. During times like this I want nothing more than to crawl in a shell and say, fine God, you are in charge so I will wait for your plan. In the meantime I will just live in here. not so much in a peaceful way-- more ticked and pouting. However, as my sweet husband reminded me at lunch today.. how we act now... this is who we are. Harder times are the times that define us.

I still don't know what to say . I can't really describe how I feel. We don't have any definite travel dates yet and there are still things undone. We have been learning that God's plans are not our plans in many areas.

So through this time it is funny how I will hear songs that I grew up with.. trust and obey, ready to go, ready to stay (hah, hah), count your many blessings.. and they are sooooo much harder that they were when I was a kid in Sunday School. In fact, sometimes at church, BSF, ect.. I do feel that in my heart but I can't get the words to come out of my mouth.

for today.. the blessing of an amazing husband ( a picture from a weekend trip we took for our 10 yr anniversary on March 7th)


Jill said...

Such a cute picture of you two and such a hard trial in waiting...

Lifting you up in prayer.

Erica said...

Oh hon! My heart is breaking for you! I can't even imagine. Its so frustrating. Sometimes I just want to scream DO THEY NOT KNOW THESE BABES NEED THEIR MAMAS!!!! Seriously so hard to take yet understanding at a deeper level that Gods timing is perfect. Doesn't make the heart feel much better. :(

Praying this is only a two week delay and no more. Praying for protection for your little guy. Much much love.

Kelli said...

What a great shot of you and Kevin. My heart truly goes out to your family during this period of wait. You are always in my prayers.

Linda said...

Loved this post, Laura. How true that the hard times really do define who we are in Christ- may that thought encourage you as you presevere through this time of waiting. Grace and peace- mom

Emily said...

I loved Allison's comment in the lecture a couple of weeks ago that we don't know what's in a cup until we knock it over - we don't know what's inside us until we're bumped or knocked over.

I know what's it's like to want to crawl in that shell...I spent much of our time waiting for Grayson like that...it's such a lonely place to be.

Praying you hear something soon...until then, stay out of that lonely place, surround yourself with people who love you! Never hesitate to stop by if you just want to talk, cry, vent, whatever!!!