Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Quick Update

There are so many fun things to post about but, since it has been so long since I have had enough coffee, in the late afternoon, to have the energy to post... I'll give you a quick overview.

These little girls are just the best. Kait practiced really hard for her dance recital, and did great! Her class preformed to the song Arabian Nights. Very fun! Bella's to the Mexican Hat Dance. They may have been the stars of the show! The audience loved them!! Their dance instructor is amazing!

Kait also turned 10-- double digits! One of her birthday presents was a guitar and lessons. (Aunt Bets, she can't wait to see you- to play her guitar for you and do her dance:) )
After all the big events with Kaitlin, we decided to continue-- a cast right before summer vacation and a major haircut. She is growing up so much! I love having a older daughter!

This little guy is doing so well. We have had a week off from school and now are starting summer school. He loves school and is learning a ton (as are we)! He can say things like all done, no, more, and shoes. Some sounds like sh, ss- were sounds he had never made before! He almost always turns to sounds and even can hear if you whisper his name! There is such a long way to go but it is so great to see his progress! Hearing him say -- night, night, I love you- even without his implants on after I tuck him in, is the best! He is super affectionate and gives the sweetest hugs!

These guys... well what more can I say than wow-- what about the vests! :) They have been having lots of fun together! Crazy trail rides on their new bikes, football, and other guy stuff. This picture was at a camp out they went to. The took a hike and ended at night at ghost cabin. Apparently they tell "true" ghost stories there which are still circulating around our house. gee, I wonder why our kids want a light on at night???

Brecken has also been busy losing teeth! His 2 top ones are both missing-- just in time for corn on the cob. Speaking of which-- I better go so that I can play tooth fairy-- it is never good when I have to explain in the morning why the tooth fairy couldn't come that night!