Thursday, July 8, 2010


I don't know why but I just keep thinking about this. These two are becoming such great little buddies. Brecken was so excited to have a bother but with communication issues things haven't always been super smooth. Not that Breck hasn't been sweet to Taye, it 's just hard when your baby brother is extremely stubborn, can't understand you, and WILL NOT take no for an answer. As Taye has aquired some more language and Brecken has grown in his communication skills, their friendship has really started to blossom! It is so fun to hear them run to the playroom to play first thing in the morning or see them run out the door to try some crazy stunts on their bikes. Taye is a great imitator so he sat eating and "reading" the comics the Brecken the other morning for a long time.

We went up to MI with Molly and Jarod for a week. The kids had so much fun and so did we! I came back feeling way more relaxed and ready to go again!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Quick Update

There are so many fun things to post about but, since it has been so long since I have had enough coffee, in the late afternoon, to have the energy to post... I'll give you a quick overview.

These little girls are just the best. Kait practiced really hard for her dance recital, and did great! Her class preformed to the song Arabian Nights. Very fun! Bella's to the Mexican Hat Dance. They may have been the stars of the show! The audience loved them!! Their dance instructor is amazing!

Kait also turned 10-- double digits! One of her birthday presents was a guitar and lessons. (Aunt Bets, she can't wait to see you- to play her guitar for you and do her dance:) )
After all the big events with Kaitlin, we decided to continue-- a cast right before summer vacation and a major haircut. She is growing up so much! I love having a older daughter!

This little guy is doing so well. We have had a week off from school and now are starting summer school. He loves school and is learning a ton (as are we)! He can say things like all done, no, more, and shoes. Some sounds like sh, ss- were sounds he had never made before! He almost always turns to sounds and even can hear if you whisper his name! There is such a long way to go but it is so great to see his progress! Hearing him say -- night, night, I love you- even without his implants on after I tuck him in, is the best! He is super affectionate and gives the sweetest hugs!

These guys... well what more can I say than wow-- what about the vests! :) They have been having lots of fun together! Crazy trail rides on their new bikes, football, and other guy stuff. This picture was at a camp out they went to. The took a hike and ended at night at ghost cabin. Apparently they tell "true" ghost stories there which are still circulating around our house. gee, I wonder why our kids want a light on at night???

Brecken has also been busy losing teeth! His 2 top ones are both missing-- just in time for corn on the cob. Speaking of which-- I better go so that I can play tooth fairy-- it is never good when I have to explain in the morning why the tooth fairy couldn't come that night!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Praise and Thanksgiving

It has been so long since I have posted. Maybe I am not really going to blog anymore, I'm not sure. So much has happened though! So many good things, and for those who have followed our family's journey I want to share some of those!

Almost one year ago, February 24th I believe, we received a call from our adoption agency telling us that they had Taye at their transition home and that they believed that he had profound bilateral sensioneural hearing loss. If you have met him you can totally see how this could have not been realized by the orphanage where he was for a few months. However, it was devastating for us to hear this! It was a challenging time for us as we tried to come to terms with this and what it meant. I have to say that our agency was wonderful through this. Getting him more testing with the best ENT's they had access to and making it very clear that they would completely support us if we did not feel that we were able to go through with everything.

We felt God's direction very clearly that this was the child he had for our family. He would be our child and just as any other time a parent learns of a child's disablity, we would grieve but His grace was sufficient. We dug into learning about our options should the diagnosis be correct (it was), began praying every day that Taye would be able to hear someday in some way, and in April finally went to bring our precious boy home. Along the way the things we learned about how it feels to be so supported by the people around you- in prayers and actions- amazed us! As 2 oldest children Kevin and I were pretty good at working together and handling things but this has pushed us way out of our comfort zone and forced us to rely on others. A good thing no doubt. I can't say enough about knowing that others were praying for us and the way that got us through sometimes, holding to the promises that God hears and will answer!

Once we arrived home, we began a whirlwind of appointments and tests. In December it was finally confirmed that he was definitely a candidate for Cochlear Implants. We began the process of getting approval from insurance to have this done on both ears at the same time. On March 9th Taye received both implants! In about a month (Lord willing) they will be activated and he will begin the process of learning to listen and eventually to speak clearly.

Here is Taye several hours after his surgery. He was such a trooper-- so tough! He enjoyed some food only after he reminded us that we needed to pray first!
This is the next day. They took off the dressing and we were able to come home that morning.
Taye waved good bye to all his new nurse friends, shook hands with his surgeon (I'm not kidding you- he stuck out his little hand and gave him a firm handshake- his idea) and we were off.
We are home and dong pretty well other than that he is still kind of off balance and still as crazy as ever. Bad combo and equals the need for full time parental supervision!
At the end of March, Taye will start going to a school that specializes in teaching kids with CI's to speak and listen. The kids we have met from there have been amazing in their ability to speak so clearly! The school is about an hour away so in order to fill my time while I am there I took a job. I will actually start tomorrow and will be working as a parent consultant with the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention program. It was kind of a situation where things just fell in to place so easily that we felt like it was the right thing to do. I think I will learn a lot and am excited about that. Right before I accepted the position it hit me very clearly (again) how much I love being a mom. It is definitely my main job so I hope this can all work out. The reality is that I would be gone anyway, so as much as I don't want anything to change... it is.
I think that pretty much sums things up. The other kids are awesome! The best kids ever is what we usually tell them.:) Kevin is such a rock and continues to be Taye's favorite. grrr. Oh and our house is for sale. If we sell it we will move closer to Taye's school since he will be going there for about 4 years. God has made his plan clear before, we are trusting he will continue to do so!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

One Year

December 8, 2008 we were surprised to receive a call from our adoption agency that they had a referral for us (our dossier had been sent off 6/11). Due to concerns about his size and a diagnosis of failure to thrive on his chart in ET they waited a few days to send us the picture. They advised that we have our Int. Adoption Dr. review the medical info. We were emailed this picture of this beautiful child a few days later and now I had a face to put with this child that I had been praying for for about 2 1/2 years .

This is amazing, unbelievable! God is so good! Less than one year later these pictures were taken! Taye is obviously thriving and our family is thriving with this new little one to love!
No more tiny little running steps, on his toes. This kid can fly!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tree Shopping

So after a crazy week, with all kinds of missed blogging opportunities, we headed out to a tree farm early Saturday morning to cut down our own tree. I was so pumped-- I love new experiences and this is something I have never done. Usually Kevin and Brecken go to a place in town and pick up a Frasier Fir that is already cut. * Side note-- I read that getting trees from tree farms is actually more "green" than artificial trees-- unless you keep your tree for more than 20 years. We have a 10 y/o old artificial tree and it is not looking good I can't imagine it at 20-- well actually it didn't look great when we bought it. Now, since we do both (real and fake) I am a little unsure where we stand.* We are all bundled up in our winter gear for the first time this year and the temp is in the 30's. We get to the farm and they give us a saw, a mat (to sit on), and a long measuring stick. They point us in the direction of the type of tree that we like and we are off.

After trekking to the end of the row and back we think we found one we agree on. Kait has only knocked me in the head twice with the measuring stick. :) The saw remains safely in Kevin's control! We take a vote on the tree-- it has to be in our price range and then meet our requirements for height and fullness. Everyone agreed this was the one except Bella who at this point was cold, her boots were too tight, and her mittens too itchy.
Taye loves wearing his mittens (that won't stay on for anything). He wore them and looked at them the whole way to the farm! He loved everything about the day!

The men are working on sawing down the tree. Then, our saw broke in half-- I think this kind of stuff only happens to Kevin! Luckily, a nice family who had just finished was walking by and offered us their saw as well as a few tips. We had the tree down on no time!

We are heading back to the barn to have it shaken out and a hole drilled. Bella is seeing the end of this outdoor experience and is starting to feel happier!

Home for hot chocolate and decorating!
Only after Taye was napping was anyone allowed to touch the tree. Bella was totally in her element, as was Kait. Kevin and Breck hung a few things and headed off to work on a float for the Christmas parade. By the time Taye was up the tree was done-- he loved it-- I wish I had a picture of his face but this one is really sweet!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Good Times!

We got to hang out with Liz and Ryan (my sis and bro- in- law) Saturday afternoon! Our kids all took naps or disappeared (and didn't even trash stuff) and we could actually just talk. Love it!! Note this girl's decorations-- and I'm accused of being too early :)-- looks great!
These two are such good buddies!

The party moved to my parents for an amazing Thanksgiving feast. Taye loves turkey and after his little cousins left the table he went around and finished their turkey for them! yummmmm!

Taye and his darling cousin Macy-- DO NOT leave these two alone! Double Trouble!

Speech and ballet are cancelled today so we are totally enjoying a Monday at home! Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's Coming!

The Christmas jammies arrived today and I even listened to Christmas music! Yeah! I love the Christmas season! So fun that it is Taye's first Christmas here-- what is he going to think about everything?!