Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tree Shopping

So after a crazy week, with all kinds of missed blogging opportunities, we headed out to a tree farm early Saturday morning to cut down our own tree. I was so pumped-- I love new experiences and this is something I have never done. Usually Kevin and Brecken go to a place in town and pick up a Frasier Fir that is already cut. * Side note-- I read that getting trees from tree farms is actually more "green" than artificial trees-- unless you keep your tree for more than 20 years. We have a 10 y/o old artificial tree and it is not looking good I can't imagine it at 20-- well actually it didn't look great when we bought it. Now, since we do both (real and fake) I am a little unsure where we stand.* We are all bundled up in our winter gear for the first time this year and the temp is in the 30's. We get to the farm and they give us a saw, a mat (to sit on), and a long measuring stick. They point us in the direction of the type of tree that we like and we are off.

After trekking to the end of the row and back we think we found one we agree on. Kait has only knocked me in the head twice with the measuring stick. :) The saw remains safely in Kevin's control! We take a vote on the tree-- it has to be in our price range and then meet our requirements for height and fullness. Everyone agreed this was the one except Bella who at this point was cold, her boots were too tight, and her mittens too itchy.
Taye loves wearing his mittens (that won't stay on for anything). He wore them and looked at them the whole way to the farm! He loved everything about the day!

The men are working on sawing down the tree. Then, our saw broke in half-- I think this kind of stuff only happens to Kevin! Luckily, a nice family who had just finished was walking by and offered us their saw as well as a few tips. We had the tree down on no time!

We are heading back to the barn to have it shaken out and a hole drilled. Bella is seeing the end of this outdoor experience and is starting to feel happier!

Home for hot chocolate and decorating!
Only after Taye was napping was anyone allowed to touch the tree. Bella was totally in her element, as was Kait. Kevin and Breck hung a few things and headed off to work on a float for the Christmas parade. By the time Taye was up the tree was done-- he loved it-- I wish I had a picture of his face but this one is really sweet!


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Anonymous said...

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emilykate said... fun. good job narrating. i could totally imagine bell complaining about things, kait knocking people with the stick and kevin breaking the saw. sounds about right. :)

Linda said...

I am still laughing...Em spoke my thoughts exactly! Dad knows how Kevin feels :) So fun that you took the time to do this and that Taye is enjoying his first winter!

Jill said...

Fun post, Laura. I have always wanted to own a Christmas tree farm ... the snow, the happy families, hot cocoa and sleigh rides. Andy thinks it is ridiculous, but one can always dream ;-)

Betsy said...

Good for you -- real trees are just more Christmas-y! Not to mention the aroma every time you walk by...Loved seeing all the pictures and picturing Kev struggle with the saw...;)

Becky said...

How cool to go cut down your own tree. I did laugh envisioning Kevin with the saw and the kids all trying to help! How fun for Taye. Can you believe how fast time has gone since coming home in April?!

J Gutwein said...

Ahh... great pics... such a blessing for Taye to be a part of this. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Love, J

Marcelle said...

I laughed and laughed at this narration and your descriptions of everyone was right on. Then I imagined what it would be like if Ron and I went on such an excursion - Ron and a saw - not a good combination given his track record with sharp knives in the kitchen (we've visited MedCheck often). Love ya