Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Precious Children!

Here is a link to a video that helps to describe life for some in Ethiopia! What a contrast to our life! At the grocery store this morning I had my choice of any type of food that I wanted. I was annoyed that they didn't have the type of peaches that our family prefers! It is so sad to see these but good for me to be aware. I have been given so much! How am I using the blessing that we have?


Monday, June 16, 2008

They're Off!

I have seen pictures off this on other people's blogs and thought that they were so cool and wondered if my folder full of papers would ever look like this. These are all the forms that the Sec. of State certified. They all were sent to our agency last Thurs. Our birth and marriage cert. will hopefully be following close behind! They are checking the papers over and when everything is there, the packet will go to DC. Eeeeks, it's getting closer to Ethiopia! :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Am I an idiot?

I got the mail last night and yippeee! the I -171H form had arrived! I proceeded to change my plans around for the day to get a couple last minute things around and then to head down to Indy after the kid's soccer camp to get everything certified. While the kids were at camp, Bella and I made stops, getting passport photos, the bank to get one more form notarized, ect... Each stop Bella would say "is this where I am going to get my baby brother?" I had made my first mistake, telling her that we were going to be working on some things so that we could get our baby. I kept trying to explain that it would be a long time until we got our baby. A couple stops later she asked how long we had been in the car and if it had been a long time yet? Too sweet! I think she kind of gets it now but I'm still not sure.
Mistake # 2 Man I am so frustrated! I think everyone who is completing this process says this at some time or another (or maybe several). I am such an idiot! They called me up to the desk at the State Dept after waiting to get everything certified. She said that they did everything (which is great)except 3 documents. Our birth certificates and marriage license. These weren't notarized in IN and so they have to be cert. in the same state that they were notarized in-- DUH! So I have been sitting on these for months and could have already had that done! We could have mailed everything off this afternoon-- arrrrgh. okay enough I just need to get this taken care of asap and we will be good to go. I feel like I am always saying there is one more thing.. will there be one more thing after this?

On a brighter note-- we stopped by the Children's Museum for a couple hours after we got done. The kids had a great time and they were so good at the State Dept. (much to the secretary's surprise-- she wasn't excited to see all of us or all of our papers!)! Then we zoomed to VBS which was a blast!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Brecken's Turn-- Thanks Aunt Sara!

Brecken with cousins Avery and Finley
At the Newport Aquarium

Lance and Brett "helping" Breck mulch the newly terraced hill
The summer is off to a great start! This is especially true for Brecken. This kid was not an easy toddler. His communication skills were poor, he had various stomach issues, and always seemed to have some kind of issue. Kevin and I were just talking about how well he has done this last year! Suddenly he is the "easy"one of the crew. He is pretty much excited about everything, loves to help with anything you ask - and rarely stops talking. We had some guys here for a few days working in our yard. (some of the reason we chose to implement this part of the "master landscaping plan" this year is b/c of his new confidence in bike riding-- he thought the hill was a great place to practice some trail riding. The tree roots sometimes got in the way when He was flying down the hill-- he says that he didn't cry -- while he was in the air! Of course he wouldn't tell us where the scrapes had come from until later) Breck was amazing, running and working the whole time! His opinion was that they were helping him with spreading mulch.
Then he was able to go to stay with his cousins by himself for a couple days. He loved it and came home thinking that they are better than ever (esp Aunt Sara who "doesn't have any bad rules")! It is so fun to hear him tell about what they did while he was there! The girls and I loved coming to get him and hanging out and visiting the aquarium! Thanks you guys!
Adoption update-- 4 wks since our fingerprinting appt-- no form in the mail yet-- hopefully soon

Monday, June 2, 2008

"Make New Friends But Keep the Old"

Don and Bella hamming it up!
I just love old friends that you can always connect with! Even if it has been months since you talked, it's like you see each other all the time! Your conversations can go straight to the serious stuff! Don and Jackie moved away about a year and a half ago. We have missed them a lot! Saturday night we met them for dinner at Red Seven and then walked around downtown a little bit. It was so great to see them and I love how they always are so great with our kids. Bella didn't know about them at first but thought that Don was great by the end! We love you guys!

oh-- for those of you who live near Lafayette, I would highly recommend that restaurant! Every time that we have been there our food has been great and the atmosphere is really fun (more contemporary than most other places here)-- they also have outdoor dinig which was perfect on Saturday night! lasagna there is my favorite!