Sunday, June 8, 2008

Brecken's Turn-- Thanks Aunt Sara!

Brecken with cousins Avery and Finley
At the Newport Aquarium

Lance and Brett "helping" Breck mulch the newly terraced hill
The summer is off to a great start! This is especially true for Brecken. This kid was not an easy toddler. His communication skills were poor, he had various stomach issues, and always seemed to have some kind of issue. Kevin and I were just talking about how well he has done this last year! Suddenly he is the "easy"one of the crew. He is pretty much excited about everything, loves to help with anything you ask - and rarely stops talking. We had some guys here for a few days working in our yard. (some of the reason we chose to implement this part of the "master landscaping plan" this year is b/c of his new confidence in bike riding-- he thought the hill was a great place to practice some trail riding. The tree roots sometimes got in the way when He was flying down the hill-- he says that he didn't cry -- while he was in the air! Of course he wouldn't tell us where the scrapes had come from until later) Breck was amazing, running and working the whole time! His opinion was that they were helping him with spreading mulch.
Then he was able to go to stay with his cousins by himself for a couple days. He loved it and came home thinking that they are better than ever (esp Aunt Sara who "doesn't have any bad rules")! It is so fun to hear him tell about what they did while he was there! The girls and I loved coming to get him and hanging out and visiting the aquarium! Thanks you guys!
Adoption update-- 4 wks since our fingerprinting appt-- no form in the mail yet-- hopefully soon


emilykate said...

i have the coolest nieces and nephews ever! :)

Jodi said...

Great back yard. Love it. We need to do a bit more "cool" landscaping. I have always wanted a real flower/rock garden with a flag pole and perhaps even a water fall, but we never seem to get around to that part.

Janell said...

i love that Brecken is a worker. That's how my boys are. Always wanting to be right in the middle of whatever project is going on. Mostly manly jobs though that involve tools. :) Not so much dusting or picking up inside. :)

L & J Gutwein said...

Great pics. I wish I were there with you guys :).Love, J

Marcelle said...

I love how your backyard is shaping up! Now that I know that Brecken likes to spread mulch, we'll hire him the next time we have to do this. He join previous prestigious mulch=spreaders like Makoto, Scott Levy, then Kent, then the bollier kids. Also - Bella's dress is absolutely adorable!