Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Baby Girl is FOUR!

Birthday Cake for Breakfast
A playdate with a preschool friend

Fun at Chuck E Cheese

Sleeping with her new sleeping bag and bitty baby
I can't believe she is four-- what joy she has brought us!!!!


emilykate said...

Sweet, sweet Bella Boo...she has brought us all so much joy! Wish I could have came this afternoon..love you!!

Sara Huber said...

We love you Bella Claire!! Avery and Finley think it's pretty amazing you got to eat cake for breakfast!

Linda said...

I loved seeing the pictures! What a sweetheart :)

B.Bird said...

Laura! Hadn't checked your blog for a few months and I realized how much I've missed! Thanks for all the posts and I loved seeing the recent adventures. Bell is growing up sooo fast! How fitting to get the girl who loves to sleep, a sleeping bag for her bday! keep us posted on the court date!

sherry hockerman said...

hi laura,

i have been praying for the whipple's adoption date and then found out that it is yours as well! so I am praying for both of your little ones this week...and until you get them safely home.
sherry hockerman

Marcelle said...

Absolutely adorable pictures - everyone of them captures her sweet spirit! I had a great chat with her one the phone about her birthday - she gave me all of the details!