Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our Trip --Part 2

A quick update- We took Taye to church for the first time today! It was really special to be there as a family (one of us has been staying home with him on Sundays). It is just really hard to know how to manage the situation-- he gets more crazy the more stressed he is-- doesn't really want to be held-- just wants to run around. We are happy that he doesn't seem to want to go to every new person he meets now!

Waking up on Tuesday morning and watching Taye sleep- when he did wake up he seemed less than thrilled to see us-- turned his head away and pretended to sleep-he was not anxious to get out of bed! He did that for a while after we got home. Now he jumps up and reaches for us the minute he sees us in his room.

After breakfast and playing with the other adorable kids at the HOH for a while, we were off with the group to go to see the lions! As I said- no car seats. Taye did great with one as soon as we got home -- I think that he likes that he can see out.

The zoo was crazy-- we were seriously so close to these lions. Taye was not all that into them but he does love to be outside.

Driving back to HOH-- this is one of the roads we took. So typical, people, animals, cars, children. So much poverty but such amazing people! Looking through all the pictures again makes me miss Ethiopia!


Wendi and Mark said...

Thanks for sharing your trip with us, Laura! We've been thinking of you all so much. Glad to hear that things are going well with Taye! Hope to see you soon.

Wendi and Mark

Missy said...

What a great pic of all the kiddos!!! PRECIOUS!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your trip! I have kept checking & hoping that you would...I know there just can't be enough hours in your days! Great pictures! Can't wait till you can bring him here!
love you
karel :)

Daveana said...

Thanks Laura for posting about your trip! Everytime I hear about/ see a picture of Ethiopia, I wish I could be right there. So driving on the roads is CRAZY. Lots of horn honking and such.