Sunday, April 26, 2009

4 is more than 3

We talked about keeping things quiet after we got home but that is easier said than done I think. Kev's birthday was Thursday! Happy Birthday! We squeezed in cake after a long dance practice and a school program (we left early b/c Taye was so loud -- and we had cake at home :) ) Kevin said that for the first time ever he felt old-- is it 33, jet lag, or 4 kids?

A fun visit from Aunt Marissa and Grandma and Grandpa on Friday! Thanks guys!-- his first picnic

Taye loves the trampoline and Aunt Em!

Meeting cousins at the park! 3 adorable 2 year olds!

Flying Brecken's new kite-- from one of the coolest aunt and uncles ever-- Thanks Ryan and Betsy!
As long as we aren't trying to get him to eat or telling him no -- things are going great! :)


Janell said...

Wow Laura. I'm so impressed you're blogging. I'm stalking your blog trying to get more glimpses of life after ET and your cute little Taye! Thanks for sharing. So glad that things seem to be going well and I would have to agree, 4 is more than 3! :)

Christy. said...

Hi Laura,

I found your blog thru another one, sorry I don't remember which one... :0)

My husband Jeff, our three kiddos and I are in the process of adopting from ET, we are about two weeks away from being on the wait list with Children's Hope and we are requesting a boy, 12-24 months old.

It is great to see your transition with a toddler. How old is Taye? How is the adjusting going? Has the language been a huge barrier? Any information would be great!

Taye is darling and so are your other kiddos!


emilykate said...

The last line is my least Taye fits in with the rest of us. We're always happy until someone tells us no. :)

Anonymous said...

hey! we had such a fun time yesterday. im so glad it worked out! macy loved being with her cousins, and she slept soo good last night! i think she was plum wore out aftet playing outside for a few hours. cant wait to see you guys again!

Missy said...

He looks so happy!! Love the pic with Dad and his kiddos!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for blogging when you have to be so BUSY!!... AND maybe just a "little" bit tired? glad most things are going well...even the "no" Emily says...fits in with the rest of us everywhere I think! (at least speaking for myself)I love all your pictures! God bless you all!
karel :)

Erica said...

He looks SO happy!!

Christy. said...

Hi Laura,
I have tried to email you twice and it won't go. Can you email me at and I will respond to it, maybe that will work...
Happy Friday!

Becky said...

Tell Kevin he's not old! You two have birthdays really close to gether.

I love the pictures. Andrew and I are trying to get into a routine that isn't going so well yet. I'm still trying to figure out the nap schedule and trying to get him to sleep through the night! Bek scratched Andrew's eye today and he had to go to the doctor and now has a patch. Fun times!

So glad you are updating. Keep the pictures coming. Taye is just too cute and so happy!!!!