Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Update from Addis

Kevin called my mom yesterday afternoon. He sounded very upbeat. He said things are going better than expected and that Taye is more than he could ask for! He was sleeping when they arrived, so they were able to observe some other couples meeting their children.

A nanny brought him out and he went to them immediately (they said he goes to anyone). He has been with them throughout the day and in their room at night. He goes everywhere with them. Kevin started to walk away today and he took off after him. Taye copies what they do and Kevin said he can see why it was hard to detect the hearing impairment. Kevin sat on the floor to roll a ball to Taye and he sat down and did the same thing.

Apparently he is very smart and even cuter in real life! :)

Kevin said they have already seen more than they could imagine in the short time they've been in Addis. The court date is tomorrow, Laura's birthday. They hope to travel to the orphanage that Taye was first taken to and also to the one that Loving Shepherd is working with.

Easter is celebrated this weekend in Ethiopia, so they hope to go to an Ethiopian church.

Taye eats rice cereal with carrots mashed in it and pushed away some cucumber and hamburger that Kevin tried to feed him. He lets them know what he doesn't want to eat!

Thanks for your continued prayers for Kevin, Laura, and their children through this journey!


J Gutwein said...

Sounds wonderful. I hope viewing the orphanages is special. Love, J

S & L Gutwein said...

So glad things seem to be going so well! We can't wait to meet him! Happy Birthday Laura!!

Emily said...

Praise God! Taye sounds absolutely precious!

Marcelle said...

Happy Birthday Laura! What a wonderful gift to be able to bring your son home! An answer to prayers.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is I'm so excited and THANKFUL for all of you! We will keep praying!
karel :)

Anonymous said...

So thankful that all is going well. Can't wait to meet him!
Aunt Lisa

Anonymous said...

Am still praying for you