Monday, February 2, 2009

Our Adoption "Process"

I was talking to Kev the other night about how excited/ nervous I am about getting Taye-- so many unknowns! I commented that I kind of just want to get it over with-- have him here, know what it will be like, the worries that are unfounded, the ones that are real. He was like-- you know, we need to just enjoy the process-- a saying that I have heard / said many times I'm sure. It really struck me this time though b/c that is not what I have been doing. It also kind of made me want to reflect on the process. God has changed our hearts so much over the last year and a half. A year ago we were both on the same page with adoption and were praying about God's direction for us.

We decided to use CHI for our adoption and sent our application on Feb 29th
3/2 Homestudy ( Gateway Woods)
3/17 Accepted by CHI
5/12 Fingerprinting in Indy
6/9 Received I- 171H
6/10 Dossier Authenticated
6/11 Fed-Ex dossier to CHI
6/12 Fed -Ex Birth Cert./ Marriage License to IL Sec of State-- (wished I would have known to do that sooner)
6/25 Dossier to Washington DC and on to Ethiopia
12/8 Referral for little boy!!!!

As I look over the timeline.. there were gaps where it seemed like things could of/ should of moved faster. But God has our child picked out already-- a different process could have meant a different child. WOW that's crazy! I still can't wait to hold my little boy but reflecting helps to trust in God's perfect timing!


Linda said...

I didn't remember that you received your referral on Dad's birthday! It's interesting to look at the timeline and soon you will be able to fill in some more dates and hopefully end the waiting process with great joy and thankfulness for God's perfect timing.

Tegan said...

Thank you for the reminder to those of us still waiting! I hear and know in my heart that the timing is necessary, but waiting "anxiously/nervously/excitedly" is really hard to enjoy!
Congratulations on your referral and I hope you pass court soon!

Emily said...

It's so true! I had a similar mess-up with Grayson's adoption where I didn't get Aaron's birth certificate authenticated by the right secretary of state. I was so mad at myself for the set-back! Thank goodness it was all God's way of making sure we were in line to receive OUR son! I keep reminding myself of this as we's a daily thing:)

Missy said...

This part has got to be the worst of the waiting...hoping it passes quickly and he is in your arms soooon!!!!

Becky said...

I was just reading through your blog and LOVE the name Taye! That was one of the names we were going to go with but have decided to stay with his Ethiopian name. Looking forward to following along and hopefully March will be here before we know it!