Monday, January 26, 2009


We went with some friends to the children's museum this weekend and had the good luck to be there on a day that BATMAN was making appearances! We joined in the long line to see him and after waiting for an HOUR we got to get a quick picture. Brecken was soooooo excited and Kait even thought it was pretty cool (she wants to show the boys in her class the picture). Of course Bella refused to get in the picture-- surprise, surprise. Then today I heard her playing-- totally decked out in a princess outfit-- and she was pretending to be "Batman's daughter"! Her fairy dress had special powers! Too cute!

a little trivia-- the outfit batman was wearing was actually one of the ones used in the movie-- it was pretty cool. I have never seen the movie but now I am thinking that I would kind of like to.

On the adoption front-- no new news for us but our agency has given several referrals lately, which is so fun, and there are quite a few people traveling or getting ready to travel-- exciting!!!!


Sara Huber said...

Hey Breck...we have been playing Batman today and Finn even made a paper bat to fly along with Batman. We think it is pretty cool that you got to see Batman. We wish we would have been there too. Thanks for showing us this picture. from avery and finley

Linda said...

How fun! I'm sure Brecken loved it! Thanks for posting! mom