Monday, January 19, 2009


A great girl's weekend! A friend's cabin in MI, Mexican food, chocolate, late night talks with great friends (i don't know when the last time is that I have been up at 3am)-- and did I say chocolate?

After sleeping in (did I say no kids?!), we had pancakes and talked some more, then we went to do a little skiing on a gorgeous afternoon.

exquisite was the word for the day we decided-- Christian friendships, the scenery, the food! The thing that really topped everything off was the timing-- We were supposed to meet to leave at 3:00. At 2:45 I was bummed b/c I had called to say I couldn't come-- Kevin had been sick and didn't seem much better and now Bella was sick.

Enter wonderful husband, freshly showered (he had been in bed all day) and saying that he thought he was well enough to take care of the kids (even a sick one). Now you might think -- what a brat-- but since he was going to have to lay low anyway and Bella wasn't throwing up-- I started throwing things in my suitcase and and called and asked them to wait 30 min.

Oh I am so glad that I went! Why does it seem that there are always so many obstacles when you are going to do something? I feel like that happens so many times--sometimes we just give in to the obstacles but when you don't and you find a way to make things work it is almost always so worth it!
I am more energized and ready to be the mom and wife I love being-- good thing because all the kids were sick yesterday and today!:)

Speaking of determined (an area that i have a long way to go in) I hope you had time to reflect on what Martin Luther King Jr. did for our nation and the commitment and determination to make a difference that he had! What an inspiring man to teach our kids about!


angie said...

so glad you had such an amazing trip :)

emilykate said...

aw so fun, i'm so excited you got to go!

L & J Gutwein said...

That is awesome... way to go! Love, J

Sara Huber said...

Sounds so awesome...way to go Kev! Hope the kids are better soon and that you're not the next one down. love ya

Sandra said...

looks like fun!! I don't have your email address...I was wanting to ask about Kevin's surgery. What was wrong with his back, what type of surgery he had, his recovery etc etc etc.....thanks.

Anonymous said...

hey! glad you got a break! that sounds like a fun trip.
hope everyone is feeling ok now!
love ya, hallie

Missy said...

Nice!! Throw in a beach, some palm trees, and little umbrella drinks, and I am there!!!!