Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Baking Cookies

The kids and I had a great time making cookies today! They were completely LOADED with sprinkles and red hots but even that hasn't kept me already having 4. Kait and I had a couple with chai after we finished decorating-- trying to get geared up to start math homework- then I took a couple more while the kids weren't looking-- terrible! At least I refrained from eating any dough while I we were making them! I figure that alone saved at least 2 cookies. -- the trick to keeping yourself from eating the cookie dough and getting a stomachache is to chomp on gum while you are baking. It is the only thing that works for me.
So about the braids-- aren't they so fun! A friend did them on Saturday for Kaitlin. She had another friend there and we both did the beads while she braided. Two hour process. Kait LOVES them-- she was so sweet afterwards and told Angel--" I always wanted these and never thought I would have them!" She is also really excited about not having to do her hair! I'm not sure how long we will be able to keep them in-- she definitely has a lot of little sprouts of hair sticking out already. So far I have just used the dry shampoo on them-- kind of gross i know-- I was planning to wash them tonight but ran out of time before I needed to leave and she was in bed when I got home. I will definitely need to wash them tomorrow. Anyway, the dry shampoo seems to work pretty well-- no itching and her hair smells good. The reason I have it is for the times that I workout and don't allow enough time to wash and dry my hair-- just spray some on the roots, rub it in and you are good until that evening or maybe even the next morning.


Janell said...

Yum! Send some our way. :)

emilykate said...

Aw the braids look so cute!

Good thing the cookies weren't around when I babysat...combined with the cupcakes it could have been a high-calorie babysitting experience. :)

love you!

Anonymous said...

oh, i just want to squeeze bella after seeing that first picture! cant wait to see you guys again.
hmm. the cookies look great! i woulda been doing good if i only had 4!!
and kaits braids are cute. she looks so grown up.
thanks for the quick little "fix"
as its been a long time since ive seen them!