Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Fireproof, have you seen it? Did you like it? We finally watched it last weekend and I really liked it. It started out seeming kind of low budget wit a lot of cliches. As the movie went on though it really drew me in! I would definitely recommend it if you haven't seen it! Any other good romantic movie suggestions with heart -day approaching?


Anonymous said...

hey! wade and i watched it the other night and loved it. not sure about any other really good movies right now. confessions of a shoppaholic is comming to theater in a few days and its on the must see list! not sure how much the guys would like it though. :) hallie

Anonymous said...

Jarod and I just watched this again, but this time with our kids here at GW...They really seemed touched by it. I agree with you about initial thoughts of low-budget, etc., but after seeing the Truth being spoken so clearly, and knowing the audience this movie could reach, how can you not love it?? (The doctor is still creepy, though). Love you, Laura, and anxious to talk to you in greater detail soon! Molly