Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Adrian and Bella taking an Ice Cream Break
As noted on earlier posts, I love to try to help my kids make healthy choices with "sometimes" food once and a while. Well since Sunday I need to say that they have had an ice cream cone every day with TWO on Tuesday. Needless to say they are loving "almost summertime!" Sunday the Schafers were here and that was the kid's dessert. Monday I let them finish the ice cream after dinner. Tuesday we went to McDonald's to get cones. They had received coupons in Sunday School as an object lesson of God's free gift to us. I loved the concept and wanted to use them while the idea was fresh in their mind. Then we went to Francesville and met Grandma at the drive-in. What kind of mom would (or could)say no to a great- aunt and great- grandma offering to buy them a treat? Today our neighbor asked us to walk to the ice cream store down the street-- we're trying to walk more places and get to know our neighbors better soo.... we went.
Tomorrow is Kaitlin's last day of 2nd grade. We praise God for the great transition from homechooling to a Christian School! She loves it so much she is a little sad to be out for the summer. If we are already having this much fun (and eating that many treats) I can't imagine what the summer has in store!


Linda said...

What a fun post- sounds like summer is here! I love the pictures! mom

Jen Sass said...

Ok, you're gonna have to dig way back in time to remember me...back to Congerville Sunday School Days...Jenny Leman!! I just came across your blog the other day and was like "NO WAY!!!" It was great to have a mini catch up on you-you have an adorable family and congrats on the adoption process!! I don't have a blog-I just waste too much time reading everyone else's! I would love your contact email is to hear from you! Tell your family HI from me. =)

Janell said...

ice cream has to be one of the best things about summer. :) Morton has a Dairy Queen that is definitely one of the hot spots in town. my boys ask all the time to go there.

S & L Gutwein said...

Just think of it as a way to get in another serving of dairy and then it's not so bad!! We eat lots of popsicles now...probably with HFCS!! :) It's been awhile!

The Raines Family said...

And to think that all this time I have been adding ice cream to my day to complete my dairy servings ;-)!! And Strawberry ice cream is a fruit, right?!

Marcelle said...

Loved the photo of Bella and Adrian! I have to tell you how much I love reading your blog. Its allowing me to keep up with everything going on with The Gutweins! Its also a great diversion when I have been on far too many conference calls. Want to get with you regarding the kid's next visit to the Gress's. Take care!

Luke & Andria said... sweet. Thanks so much for having us Laura.