Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Highlights and Lowlights

The most amazing man in the world
Kait and Ash at the PYG dinner

my new bed :)

Nope, this post is not about hair!:) I did use to undergo that process for my hair but even though I liked the look, I HATED sitting there for that long and I didn't really enjoy paying for it either. Anyway, that is another topic(unless anyone has a great suggestion for cheap, fast highlights that look awesome).

This week was one that had some ups and downs. A couple of the highlights are pictured, my wonderful husband threw me an amazing 30th birthday!!!(Apr 16th) One of my presents was a bed that I have been wanting. It arrived this week and he put together all 14 pieces! Luckily the delivery men were the ones who both spent 1/2 hour taking off all the packaging.

The group of college girls that I meet with came over for dinner and we made watches. I think everyone had fun and that made me really happy. I love these girls and want them to know how much we care about them! College is really great but not always the easiest time in life (I don't wish I was back!) and we totally want to encourage and support them!

Our fingerprinting appt came in the mail and so we will go to Indy on Mon. May 12th for that ! Yeah!
Today, when we were at Great Harvest Bread after the soccer game (a great Sat. tradition) I finally found the bread that I am going to get from now on. The search all started when a friend mentioned that high fructose corn syrup could be a bad thing. After looking into it I have tried to make sure that the foods we eat on a regular basis do not have it in them. Two things that we consume very regularly are wheat bread and pb. We currently have 3 different brands of natural pb in our cupboard and no one is impressed so we will continue to work on that. However, this morning when talking to my new friend Jane at the bread store, she told me that they only use 5 ingredients in their wheat bread and do not use HFCS. Yeah-- this is great! She gave me the scoop on how to best store it and all that so no more reading labels in vain at the grocery store!

On a sad note, my great uncle Harvey died this week. Since my grandfather died when I was 3 and Harvey and Fannie lived within walking distance from us, we were very close to them! My brother actually had Uncle Harvey(in his 90's) as his best man in their wedding 2 years ago. These relationships are such a stabilizing part of our life. People who have known us since we were babies, know our strengths and weaknesses, and usually know just what we need to hear (often-- don't stay away too long!). We will miss him and it is a great reminder to treasure the time we do have with those that may not be here much longer!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I found your blog off of Janell's (we're friends). I noticed you guys are adopting a little boy from Ethiopia too! It sounds like we're pretty similar time-wise. I'd love to follow along with your journey too- mind if I add you to my blogroll??

gretchen lee said...

Hi! I found you through the CHI list....we're in Illinois, and waiting for our homestudy to be approved before kicking into high gear for our Dossier. You have a beautiful family, and I look forward to following your journey!!

Sara Huber said...

Oh, I hadn't heard about Harvey's death yet. That is so sad for your family and Jarod especially...

You'll have to fill me in on h-f corn syrup sometime. I knew it fell under the "bad ingredient" category but never cared to know the nitty-gritty details. On second thought, I'm not sure I want to know because probably everything in my cupboard contains it. love ya

Janell said...

Yeah for the fingerprinting appt! Do you have your dossier stuff about ready? We have our final homestudy visit tomorrow! Kev-nice job taking care of your wife on her bday. :) Cool bed.

Steve & Danae said...

Hey guys we are steve and Danae Lehman....I believe we have some family in common....Nick and Suzanne are our aunt and uncle....anyway we adopted a little girl from Ethiopia and thought that I would say Hi.

Brad and Fran Hoagland said...

Sorry about your great uncles passing. But, that is great about your fingerprinting appt! Moving right along!

Sandra said...

enough on this bad rap about High Fructose Corn Syrup:)!! Ok, ok, so really its not that great for you, but I had to give you a hard time since that is exactly what nick makes at work and without that we might be out of a job. So eat up guys, we gotta live:) HEE HEE.

Kevin & Laura said...

Yikes, sorry Sandra:) I definitely don't want to jepordize anyone's job! Although, if you moved back here that would be great!