Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Kait's Dance Recital

Bella, Kaitlin, Maddie, and Brecken


Saturday was Kaitlin's 6th dance recital. It was her 1st year to dance at the YWCA and we loved it, the recital was great. I tried to post a video clip that I took during her rehearsal the day before. We were really proud of how hard she worked this year-- a huge change from previous years! She practiced almost every day even when she was tired or not feeling the greatest. Kait turned 8 on Monday. Wow!

Side note-- Last week a friend and I had a garage sale at her house. I ran out to check some other sales while we were waiting for people to buy our junk and scored these like-new Converse shoes for Brecken for $2. He is wearing them in the picture. Fun stuff!



Marcelle said...

Hi Kevin and Laura: I'm thrileed that I've figured out how to leave a comment! Loved hearing about Kaitlin's ballet recital. Would have loved to have been there. We went to Rachael and Erica Witzig's ballet recital on Friday - it was great. By the way, I love your new bed - its very cool! Have a great week. Aunt Marcelle

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura
What Fun!! Kaitlyn looks like a natural! Looking forward to being with you the weekend of Betsy's wedding.
Love You,

L & J Gutwein said...

THat is really sweet Laura. Ah, the life of girls. :). Love, J

S & L Gutwein said...

Looks like fun! I can't believe that's her 6th recital!

Linda said...

I loved watching the video clip- great job Kaitlin!! See you tonight :) Mom G.

Sandra said...

how precious...I didn't know she was in dance classes. Looks like fun, now if only I had a girl:)

Erin said...


ewitzig said...

Hi--My name is also Erica Witzig (only I'm a 37 y.o. female from NJ)--just wondering if I might be related to the young lady from the dance recital?!?! I can be reached at ewitzig@yahoo.com.