Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fun Times!

Taye's first trip to the lake house went so well! I was really nervous about how he would do-- he was great! We had so much fun with him -- from the pictures it looks like Kevin was the only one that had him- umm, I think I played with him too-- apparently we just don't have pictures of that :) I do have to say that it was a really nice break to have Daddy and a lot of other adults around though!
First trip to the beach-- he loves the water and sand but shivers like crazy after awhile

Go -cart racing. No fear! Couldn't beat Aunt Em and Kait though

Tubing! Had a smile plastered to his face the whole time. In fact after watching one kid ride he was literally fighting me to get out of the boat and get in the water or on the tube!
I was also stressed about how he would be when we got home. All these different adults taking care of him and Kevin with him a lot (he has always been a little more attached to Kev). I actually feel it has went really well as far as attachment/ bonding with me now that we are home. Maybe it is just as time passes or maybe I am a little more relaxed. Either way, it is definitely nice to have him be more receptive to me! A little more affectionate, wanting me to help him, and even obeying sometimes. :)--I've read and heard to expect 3 steps forward, 1 step back so I am just trying to soak all the positive in now ( and hoping that things can stay good).


S & L Gutwein said...

Glad it went so well, I had wondered! Fun to see you and the kiddos today!

Janell said...

So fun. Nothing beats a lake vacation. Sounds like Taye is doing better!?

J Gutwein said...

So Fun... I am glad you have the MI house for family bonding times. Love, J

Sara Huber said...

Umm, yes, I would say you definitely had your fair-share of Taye time on vacation. Love the family pic!!

Becky said...

I have also heard of the 3 steps forward one step back...we are definitely following that pattern! Looks like you all had a great gettaway.

Anonymous said...

looks like a fun vacation! glad you got to relax a little bit! thanks for sharing the picts! love seeing the kids as they grow. cant wait to see you this week!