Sunday, July 12, 2009


I need to do an update but it is so crazy around here that sometimes I don't have any coherent thoughts! For now here is a link to some really sweet pictures of Taye that my friend Andria took for us! She was so great!

With 8 kids and 4 adults here our house was really full last week! She arrived to take my little sister's senior pictures as I was returning from a run and at about the same time that a new therapist (for Taye's hearing) was supposed to arrive. While I was helping Marissa finish getting ready; Andria babysat Taye for me and snapped some amazing pictures-- what a great friend and photographer! Check these out!


Missy said...

He is absolutely precious!! What a great smile!!! The girls are gonna go crazy for your little man!!!!

Emily said...

His hair is getting so long! He is sooo cute! We've missed our walks lately...looks like things have been a little crazy around both households:) We'd love to get together once we get back!

Anonymous said...

laura i love them!! esp. the one where he has his mouth wide open and his arms spread out. :)
too cute!
love, ashley

Janell said...

What a darling little boy!! Thanks for sharing. Love you guys.