Thursday, June 4, 2009

the end of our trip!

Firday was market in the morning and then visiting Taye's old orphanage. They were so sweet and excited to see him! I was really overwhelmed and it was a hard day. Taye was also starting to be more manipulative and controlling with us and that was obviously expected but hard.
Friday night we got to "help" make injera-- harder than it looks!

Saturday am we went to the Millennium Park to run. This is where some of the marathon runners finish up on their training runs and Kevin really wanted to do this! We took Taye for a short run too, to try to make sure it would be in his blood :)-- you can pick Kev out easily-- the only white guy.

Good thing we ran-- Saturday afternoon was the traditional Ethiopian meal at HOH. Oh it was soooo good! I don't think this was even all the food!

Later Saturday afternoon we visited the Home of Hope supported by Loving Shepherd Ministries . This is a home for 7 orphans. We had a great time with the kids!

Tsion is the beautiful "mother" to these children. She is 65 y/o (looks amazing!)and raised 4 children. After they were grown she "prayed to the Lord for 7 more". She then got busy working to support some families financially and wait for the Lord to answer her prayer. Through friends she met at work she was put in touch with the right organization and God has answered her prayers in miraculous ways. She was an amazing testimony and example! We loved meeting her!

this is Sunday after church. We went to the International church and took Taye. That was pretty much a disaster but I had fun walking around outside with him and talking to another mom! Kevin is pictured with Almaz, the wonderful wife of the director of HOH and Tesfu. Tesfu was our guide but ended up being our good friend!!!!! We enjoyed our time with him so much!

The end of and exhausting and emotional few days and the start of a very long journey home to another life for Taye. We are in the car after tearful goodbyes, some of which are captured on video and are so precious to us!

One of Taye's favorite guards saying goodbye as he closed the gate-- I have tears while I am typing! We can't wait to go back some day!


Janet said...

We can't wait to go back either!! Your pictures bring back fond memories. I remember Millenium Park cool that Kevin ran on it! I was wondering what it was for.

Abby said...

OK- LOVE hearing about it. Taye is so stinkin' cute! And I've been meaning to call you back- I'm so sorry! I'll try tomorrow, or you call me. I'd love to talk!

Becky said...

I am crying while reading this - the guard is so sweet. We are jealous that Kevin got to run at Millenium Park. That is hilarious seeing the only white guy out there but I bet he ran fast as you probably get an adrenaline rush running with all those fast runners.

Kelli said...

Thanks for posting your story. What a great experience for you both. Taye is such a doll!

emilykate said...

What a you!!

mom said...

I am finally reading the last of your trip- so interesting! Thanks for giving us a glimpse of this amazing journey and the opportunity to share this life with Taye, a very special grandson!