Monday, April 7, 2008

Yeah- I came up for air!

I'm so gald to be back to checking blogs and taking time to think about my day! There is something really great about staying on touch with people you care about this way! I have missed it!

The last couple of weeks I have been really trying to get everything that I had any control over with the adoption process done. It seems like this in addition to being a mom and wife and other random things- the latest and most fun being "florist" for Betsy's wedding- have taken up all of my time. I am happy to report that I am done with the things that I can do. The sad part is that in the whole scheme of things it seems like that is not actually a very large part of the whole process. Oh well, it is definitely a feeling of accomplishment. Collecting the various papers that we need has actually been really fun. I got to go places that I don't ever visit, like the police dept., and everyone has been so great! I realized even more that we live in a really neat community-- people seem really happy to help you!

At this point our home study report is being reviewed by our adoption agency and we will hopefully have it to send to Immigration Services soon. We will then a couple more things to do and the dossier will be ready ( a month or two). Sometimes with all the "tasks" to do it seems like I forget what they are for-- a precious life and a part of our family! We are so thankful for this calling and although I am not nuturing this child as during a pregnacy, there is something really sweet about knowing you are working for them and having to-do list with "For Baby Jack" at the top -- I think I will miss that during the wait!


L & J Gutwein said...

Girl, you better not make us wait this long for a post ever again ;). Congrats on accomplishing your end.
Kaitlin, Brecken, Isabella, & Jack. Sounds pretty good :). Love, J

Kevin & Laura said...

Jen, the kids have been calling him Lucas but I told them with Luke G and Luca G we were going to have to go a different route-- They still say we are naming him Lucas:)

Bart said...

Kevin and Laura-

Hey, I found your blog through a series of others. :) Love to read, haven't yet started my own. Anyway...soooo excited to hear you are adopting a little boy from Ethiopia!!! I hadn't heard! Did you know that this week we are signing up w/ an agency and social worker to start our own adoption journey!! A little girl from Ethiopia. God is awesome. He has changed my heart and given me a passion for adoption. I can't wait to start this journey. God bless. When I start my blog, I'll let you know so we can keep in touch!
love you guys

Linda said...

Glad to hear the paperwork is done! I was happy to see a new post :)Mom

Luke & Andria said...

Oh good! =o) I loved seeing that little sweetie on Easer Morning when I checked the blog...but what can I say...Kevin's picture was a very exciting update. =o) Baby Jack is such a cute name...and you know that the title "baby" will be placed at the begining for a long time. =o) The boys ALWAYS say "our baby Jude". It's so sweet how kiddos and sibling stick together. =o)

Can't wait to have you guys over.