Sunday, April 13, 2008

You Just Never Know!

Kevin and Kait with crickets
Brecken helping plant flowers

Kaitlin is our precious second grader. Once she outgrew colic we have pretty much thought that every age is "the best". It has been really fun to watch her grow and the thing I love about this age is how unpredictable she is. Now this could seem like a bad thing, but the times that she is driving us crazy, I know she will snap out of it really soon. The last couple of days have been no exception. Friday afternoon was nice enough to get outside to do some things. Like any good mom would, once I went out I realized that the kids should be outside getting fresh air and helping me (even though that can be interesting) instead of playing computer games. After coaxing them out-- they were "almost to the next level" of course, they started helping me plant some stuff. I sent Kait to the front to plant some flowers in a couple pots saying she could do whatever she wanted with them. After about 15 min. I went around to check on her and was very surprised to find that she was doing a great job and singing at the top of her lungs. She proceeded to inform me that she had named all of the flowers. A names in one pot, C names in the other. The complainer was completely vanished.

Saturday morning the surprises continue while she is checking out the newspaper. When she realized that Saturday was the "Bug Bowl" at Purdue she insisted she wanted to go even though it was rainy and cold. The reason she was so excited to go? She wanted to eat chocolate covered crickets! Luckily, Bella needed a nap in the afternoon and Kevin got home just in time to take Kait and Brecken over and try this new delicacy. They both swallowed them but I don't think they really want them again.

Fun Stuff!



Luke & Andria said...

Eeeeks, that bug bowl is fun...but the chocolate bug combo I'm not so sure about. =o) The flower story is great! Kids need to be outside...don't we all. I think we should all be singing at the top of our lungs to clear our minds out a little. Sounds refreshing.

Thanks for your hug Sunday and your support. =o)

Linda said...

What a great post- fresh air does wonders, but eating chocolate covered bugs? I don't think so! Mom

Brad and Fran Hoagland said...

Just came across your blog and wanted to say Hi! I am Fran and we are adopting from Ethiopia also. Welcome to the blog world and I will be anxiously checking back on yours to see how things are going!Heres to hoping the homestudy gets sent off soon! Ours has been sent 4weeks ago, so we are anxiously checking the mail every day!

Amanda & Andrew said...

Mmm...chocolate covered insects. Yum. :)

I just wanted to say hi-I'm Amanda, also adopting through CHI from Ethiopia.

And, I used to go to Purdue! It was only a year though...

Jodi said...

I wish we could plant flowers soon here - in South Dakota. Today is a bit cold AGAIN... I'm ready for real spring/summer weather. Welcome to the blog world and I can't wait to read about your journey in adoption. We are waiting for a referral - little girl 0-12 months and our dossier has been in Ethiopia for a little over three months. I keep praying for a referral soon. Good luck putting together your paperwork. God's blessings to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

hi this is sara knapp did the crickets taste good? have kaitlin e-mail me at bi for now