Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hosanna, Hosanna

Here is Isabella on Palm Sunday making sure she is ready to go into church for the Easter Program. She looked so sweet in a dress that Mom G had made for Kaitlin. Even better though was her little voice singing about being sad that Jesus died and then being so excited to sing Alive, Alive. Kids at Easter are just the best (not only because of the adorable clothes, but I do love that too).

As the Holy Week started I had good intentions of spending some extra time reflecting on Christ's sacrifice and doing some activities with the kids to help them think about it as well. Oh how quickly I get distracted by all the things that come up! It is so discouraging sometimes!

We finally recieved our packet of info from our agency-- wow, there is a lot of paper work! I'm really glad to get started on it and have something tangible to do to move the process along. I am going to try really hard not to complain about it! I can't help but wonder though if people who are famous that adopt have to do all this stuff :) Oh well I'm sure that it "builds character."

According to 2 Peter1:5-8 by adding to faith virtue-knowledge-temperance-PATIENCE-godliness-brotherly kindness- charity my life will be FRUITFUL in the knowledge of Jesus Christ! and that is what we want!



Linda said...

Laura- I loved this post but I don't remember the dress! I can't tell by the picture although it is adorable! Could the kids do their pieces/songs for us on Sunday? Mom

Sara Huber said...

Hey Laura...I'm sometimes able to access blogs now but haven't been able to comment on yours for some strange reason. I love the pic of Bella and hearing about her singing in the program...I can just picture her belting out the words she has practiced so many times. I would love to hear more about the homestudy sometime soon. Love you guys!

Annette Bahler said...

just glad to read your blog...since we can't exactly get back to jogging together yet. but maybe soon?

Erin said...

Laura my friend!!!! I found you! I tried emailing you last week, but I must have the wrong address (got it from my aunt). Guess what? We're also in the process of adopting a son from Ethiopia - actually we've been in the adoption process for 9+ mo., but have recently switched countries. This process does build so much character...I often think I must've had a lot to work on! :) I can't believe how much Bella looks like Kaitlin...I can't wait to catch up with you!