Monday, March 10, 2008

Here We Go!

Well, I think that we will officially join the world of blogging and stop just reading our friend's blogs (and people that we don't even really know). I love reading blogs. I also love the idea of journaling but I never actually do it and can barely even get pictures into scrapbooks. I am hoping that this will help to me to keep some type of record of our life for a while. After reading an article about "momnesia" I am convinced that I will not remember everything that I want to remember about this amazing stage in life. We are so blessed with three awesome children and just recieved our email today that we are officially accepted into the Ethiopian adoption program through Children's Hope! We have our home study scheduled for Friday so things are moving along. This all comes after much prayer. We are over the moon excited about adding a little boy to our family and trying to keep in mind that this will all happen in God's time. Here is one of the pictures we took of ourselves to send with our application. I think we look pretty excited!(we didn't want to wait to have someone actually take a good one for us). laura


S & L Gutwein said...

You do look excited! We are looking forward to meeting this little boy too! -liv

Bry&Ash said...

Welcome to the blog world. It is pretty fantastic!!! Love, J

Luke & Andria said...

Hey you guys! I found your blog on Jen's and I'm really excited about checking in. I feel like I know my blogging friends better than myself sometimes...I think that's a good thing. =o) I'll be keeping up with your adoption's so exciting.

God's speed with the paper work


Erica said...

Yeah! How exciting! We've been home with our son for two months. We also used Children's Hope. Its fun to follow along with other people who are just starting out.