Thursday, October 15, 2009

Five Favorites

My friend Jenny suggested posting five favorites and I love the idea!

For the most part I only get around to posting updates on Taye but I do have a little bit of a life outside of the kids (not much though). :)
So - here are a few things I'm loving right now-

1. My new French Press! Whoa-- this coffee is so good. Fresh ground Gobena in it is great!

2. Reading in bed-- down pillows, down mattress cover, and down comforter! I just finished Cry, The Beloved Country by Alan Patton-- great read. Thanks for the suggestion Betsy!

3. Clean windows-- We have lived in our house for 4 years; because it is so tall and the windows are huge, cleaning the outside is a daunting, somewhat unsafe job. I saw someone doing an awesome job on the windows at Chick- fil-a the other day and asked him to do ours. A friend that was with me there laughed, BUT when they came to clean them the other day-- she happened to be here and they are going to her house soon. It inspired me to clean the inside really well and I love it! Especially with the awesome fall colors outside!

4. Honeycrisp Apples from MI-- the best-- practically dessert! The fact that they come from just down the road from one of our favorite places (the lakehouse) makes them that much better!

5. My Slow Cooker a.k.a. crock pot. Having minimal food prep to do b/twn 4 and 6 pm is a sanity saver! I have found some really good recipes lately and probably use it at least once a week.

So, what are your 5 favorites right now?


Sara Huber said...

oooh, just had Honeycrisps with our soup for dinner tonight...Nate wonders why they keep growing any other kind! But I have to say, the apples didn't quite keep me from eating a handful (or two) of dark chocolate peanut M&Ms for dessert! Every time I buy a bag of these I think of how stinkin fast the bag disappeared at the lakehouse this was about an hour I think and they were gone. :) I don't think anything counts as dessert for me if it's not chocolate!

Sandra said...

with all this talk on Honeycrisp apples, which I have NEVER heard of, I bought some today at Meijer. Now I thought they were super good, but I just have a hard time finding an apple I like better than Gayla. Guess Im one for same old, same old:)....but I am willing to try anything. Speaking of trying....could you share those recipe's with us that you are making in the crock pot. I LOVE crock pot food...its so easy like you said when its 4pm and things get hectic with children home from school. Thanks:)

Janell said...

Yep, Honeycrisp are the best!! Worth every penny. :) And yes, please share your crock pot recipes. I'm so in need of quick easy suppers right now!

Erin said...

I'd love to have your crockpot recipes too! And I agree, Honeycrisp are the best, but my kids are so fruit-crazy that I have to go for the cheap bulk! :)

J Gutwein said...

Thanks Laura... these were fun! Love, J