Monday, September 28, 2009

New Sister; New Nephew

Little Clive Denver Riley. Born in Doha, Qatar on September 26th to Ryan and Betsy. I love this picture because he looks a lot like our girls in it. So precious!
Ashley- my new sister, married my little brother Harold on Sept. 26th. She is so great and it was a very memorable day! :)

Bella and my niece Emrie-- sweet flower girls waiting with their daddies

Brecken and Cade-- they look innocent here but watch out!

Taye looked so handsome! He loved all the excitement!


Whitney said...

What a day! Chet got married the 25th and our anniversary is the 26th, so its a popular day! :) Congrats on the new nephew- we are so excited for Betsy and Ryan!

Betsy said...

Is that Taye's senior picture, or what?

Marcelle said...

Great photos - am sure Bella loved being a flower girl and Taye looks so handsome!