Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Taye's first time at a birthday party-- a really great one too-- complete with a bounce around, a ride around town on the Boilermaker Special waving at complete strangers (one of his favorite things), and cupcakes with a ridiculous amount of frosting. His shirt is actually white again thanks to bleach!

Bella started ballet-- a long awaited event! She LOVES it! I LOVE it! :)
Taye watching the girls dance(siblings are not allowed in the dance studio). I love his shirt, even if Kevin thinks it is a little too 80's. $4.50 at TCP

Just some of the fun things going on here this week.
Of course there are some not so fun things like a 2 year old who wants to constantly test you to see if no still means no. Or maybe, kids that come for dinner COVERED in dirt while wearing brand new school clothes and on the day that the bath tub was cleaned and floors were mopped of course. They act offended that I was annoyed with them-- "well moooom, we were having so much fun throwing dirt and then it is ruined because we got in trouble." Too bad, at least change your clothes next time.:) It is all good now-- Daddy put them to bed and tomorrow is a new day!


J Gutwein said...

I can exactly hear your voice when you say "too bad" ;). Love, J

Emily said...

Looks like a lot of fun:) I know things are crazy with the kids back in school, let me know if you, Taye, and Bella want to walk some morning!

Marcelle said...

Loved the photos! I can just imagine Bella at her ballet class. I'm reminded of her great after-dinner performance at our house recently. Can't wait for her spring recital!!

Betsy said...

Kevin needs to embrace the 80s, that shirt is great.