Monday, August 17, 2009

Transition Time

ice cream and silliness
bike rides

hey jenny g-- doesn't he look good in orange and blue ;0

an update- long overdue

Summer has been so fun! The kids started school today so that means it's ending, I guess. When I was in middle school there was kind of a big debate about year round school. I remember feeling horrified at the thought, and doing an assignment that involved writing a persuasive argument about why or why not to have year round school. I have to say-- I still love the long weeks of summer!
With the start of the school year, Kevin and I feel like we are getting ready to dive into a new classroom too. Taye had his ABR (brain stem hearing test) last Friday. It confirmed that he had severe bilateral hearing loss. We were so thankful that the audiologist felt like she got a good reading -- we were ready to know what the situation was and move ahead. Also-- that the loss was labeled severe and not profound which is what we had originally been told. This means that there is a chance he will be able to hear with hearing aids. At this point we think he can hear very loud sounds-- a loud clap, a lawn mower. It was so hard to know for sure where he was b/c he is so smart! :) He can do some lip reading already-- go get your shoes, let's go outside, and is doing so well with signs!
We feel a little bit overwhelmed with all the options, opinions but are so lucky to live in a community that has some really great resources! We also love hearing other people's experiences and the route they have gone! So now I'm off to study.


Missy said...

That is great that you have some answers and can move forward! And that you have the resources available!! The kids all look so cute, BTW...LOVE the bike trailer pic!!

J Gutwein said...

Love the Orange & Blue.. Go Gators (& Boilers :). So good to see you. Love your little ones! Love, J

Becky said...

So glad to get an update! We think of you guys often...I'll give you a call sometime so we can talk soon!

solas4me said...

Just checking in, wondering how things are going. The kids look great! Hope to see you all soon!


Anonymous said...

Hey there your pics are always fun to see! I miss you and wish that we would be able to hang out this weekend- luv ya