Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Kev and I went for our first round of travel shots yesterday. Not terrible but man I hate shots! No problem with starting IV's/ drawing blood/ giving shots back in the ICU days but when a needle is coming at me-- I almost pass out! Luckily Kevin was there to talk me through it & remind me to breathe. Bella was there giggling at the Goofy bandaids they used so that helped too.
Last night we got our official referral packet. We finished the papers up this am and overnighted them back to CHI. We now wait for a court date which is when the adoption will be official. We will hopefully be able to travel about 3 weeks after the court date. We should know when the court date is within the next month. All that said, we are hoping that we will travel in late March but we will just have to wait to see if it all works out like that.
As we were sitting and looking at Taye's picture and talking about his life,Bella reminded me that even though we are sad that Taye is not being taken care of by a mommy and daddy, "it's okay mommy, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are with him and angels are watching him too" then I really cried :) Man, what would I do with out my kids to keep me on track!-- Liv, I know you can relate (with the phone and all)
So that is all I know right now. This stuff has pretty much consumed me for the last week and a half-- I have a stack of Christmas cards waiting to be finished but I'm having trouble focusing on that. Maybe I'll do them tonight-- I still have a few days right?


Amanda said...

Wow! You got your referral paperwork out quickly! :)

I hope you are able to travel sometime early spring. That'd be wonderful!

And, for what it's worth-I have Christmas cards strewn about my desk at home. I haven't had time to finish everyone's and take them to the post office. We still have a week though!

Janell said...

Wow. So surreal. Have you heard back about all the medicals yet? Thankful you are stepping out in faith and trusting God on this journey. What other way is there, right? It's all about God. Praying for all.

Missy said...

Congrats!!! What a great Christmas this will be!!

emilykate said...

so sweet! i keep looking at the picture too, can't wait to meet my new nephew!!
love ya!

Sara Huber said...

It's fun to hear the updates Laura. His pic is still open on my computer we can click on it every now and then and see that sweet face. Love it!

angie said...

wow...congrats on it being official. i am sure you are still in the fog!!

what a sweet little reminder from your little true!

we are hoping to travel in march, too. but, i think i am going to prepare for april and be pleasantly suprised if it is sooner :)